Our company has been working on ukrainian market since 2005 and has its representative in all ukrainian cities.

The main directions of the company''s activity are:

- Sales and installation of the telecommunication equipment (satellite and digital TV, satellite internet);

- Active sales (satellite TV, satellite internet etc.) to private persons and legal entities;

- Service/maintenance services of satellite TV systems

Sales of all our products are carried out by professional personnel which is not only trained to sell goods and services, but also technically prepared. Our company constantly carries out trainings for its personnel with the purpose to improve an overall performance of business.

Installation of all satellite TV systems is carried out by the qualified specialists.

Besides all above we speak English and offer our partners complex decisions on introduction and promotion of their products on the ukrainian market.

In all aspects of our job we are trying to realize the philosophy of an old saying:

For want of a nail... the horseshoe was lost.
For want of a horseshoe... the steed was lost.
For want of a steed...the message was not delivered.
For want of an undelivered message...the war was lost.


For cooperation and business offers please contact the director of the company - info@bnservice.com.ua